Ralph Lauren – the man

A little surprised to see him wearing black Nike running shoes with his well tailored suit yesterday. Are you telling me he can’t find a comfortable pair of shoes?


Soccer players

As a passionate hater of the Patriots I couldn’t watch the AFC championship game so I turned on the FIFA soccer awards show. I didn’t think athletes could dress worse than in this country but the soccer players have proved me wrong. The 3 piece burgundy suit Messi was wearing was tops. And how many are wearing black shirts with black tuxedo circa 2002. God awful. So much for the Europeans with taste.

online shoe shopping

I’ve come to realize that this is now a bad idea.  For most of my life I’ve been a classic simple size 10.5.   Never really tried on shoes but just bought them  in the past.  With my online purchases, it seems half the time they don’t fit.  Nikes, cleats, English brogues it doesn’t matter.  Most of the time they’re too small.  I doubt that my feet have changed that much.  And to make it worse, I hate returning them.  My new advice- go to the store and try them on.  If they don’t have your size, then you can buy them online.