Baseball Caps Get a Stylish Upgrade – The Wall Street Journal

Baseball Caps Get a Stylish Upgrade

Can’t think of a worse idea.



Amazing how many times I’m drawn to something orange and then in my better judgement I try it on and realize how it rarely looks good. Nothing wrong with a hint of orange but otherwise I’d stay away.

Airline digression

Came back from London last night on British Airways. Empty flight in coach and no one in my row. Flight takes off and I try and raise the arm rests all the way up and they stop halfway there. I ask the flight attendant who thinks I’m an idiot because I’m not pushing the button hard enough. Another attendant comes by and says no, no, no. The armrests don’t go up anymore on the new planes. And I asked why?  Response is from BA flight attendant that if you want to lie flat you have to pay for business class. Don’t expect to see the fuel surcharge disappear either in the name of profit. Lovely.


Bought a tan pair at Trickers last night just before closing.  A bit more costly than others but they should last the rest of my life. Good solid shoe. Amazing how many shoe stores there are in London.

Rain boots

Nice noreaster here in NYC today with puddles the size of small rivers. You’re supposed to wear those $1000 suede boots with the monkstraps or something like that. First puddle and you can wipe away that investment. Bought some brown brogue like Doc Martens for around $150 last year and they hold up perfectly. Warm, dry, and stylish with anything including a Clash reunion. Even though that will never happen.