Botox, Fillers or Laser Treatments May Have Few Complications
Pretty safe, but only with someone who knows what they’re doing.


Beanies – hats

Cold here in the Northeast and even here in Maryland where I’m standing on a sideline watching my daughter play soccer. Perfect day for a ski hat – cold weather hat – beanie which all the men are wearing. Assume the average cost is about $20. Good thing men’s mags are showing the $ 90-100 ones which of course no one is buying. Lots of NFL beanies which in this case are not that fashionable but are acceptable.


Can we stop with the meaningless collaborations. Do I really need Adidas x Jeremy Scott with shoes with wings? No one is wearing those.  I mean I find a brand that I like and the next thing is they team up with some celebrity whose got no sense of style. APC x Kanye? No interest. I get it when they team up with a store like Barneys but otherwise the clothes are usually a mess.