So every Wednesday I wander thru the store since it’s the fastest way to walk to my new office.  And for the whole fall I’ve seen the same clothes from the same designers and they couldn’t be more boring.  Nothing worth buying even on sale. And maybe it’s me but I think Bloomingdales is a pretty good indicator of the whole men’s market both upscale and medium scale.


Starbucks Digression

To the staff:

If there are more employees than customers in the store and I’m waiting, that’s a problem.

Do you really need exact change? Spot me the goddamn penny so I don’t have 99 cents of change.

I understand I need to repeat my order twice.  3 times is your problem.

Is not brewing decaf after dinner that much of a cost saver?

To the first person on line:

If you’re paying with cash, don’t fumble for change. You’ve had more than ample time to pull out your wallet.

If there are people waiting-don’t refill your card.  Don’t have a conversation with the Barista.  Don’t tell them what you’re up to.  Don’t tell them about your new band, new book, new boyfriend/girlfriend, new job.  The people behind you don’t care.  They just want coffee.  Order coffee and move on.  If your order takes more than 30 seconds that’s a problem.


It’s okay to order the silly drink for your significant other.  If it’s for you and it includes the words  triple shot, whipped cream, pumpkin, frozen, cookie, or Frappucino-we’re all secretly laughing at you.

To the person at the milk/sweetener area

Again, this shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds. Don’t camp out there. Don’t be the person taking up the whole counter.  Adding 1/3 of  Splenda with 1/4 of Sweet and Low and 3 second pour of nonfat milk is ridiculous.  This is not a science experiment.

Final observations

Stay off of your phone during any of the above.

People really don’t like the taste of coffee and will add just about anything so it doesn’t taste like coffee.

Dress Socks

Here in NYC, they start heating the apartments on October 15 and the weather is certainly becoming fall.  That means wearing socks again.  Seen a few guys still going sockless with suits etc. and we are past that time  Let’s start with the one  basic, black socks go with black shoes.  As far as I’m concerned as long as you’re not wearing white socks than pretty much anything else is okay. You want to make a statement with your socks?  Go ahead, I really don’t care.  Any pattern and color is fine as long as it’s a pattern.  Please no cute animal prints or football logos or smiley faces. Argyle, stripes, plaid, whatever are good.  And do not spend a ton of money on socks. I buy mine at Uniqlo.  They’ve got a ton of different colors and they last a while

College visits

Made my first college visit with my son yesterday. Make sure your child looks presentable. Collared shirt, sweater if necessary. Shoes, not sneakers. No harm in looking nice. Saw fathers and sons wearing shorts and T shirts. Not appropriate.

Best dressed lists

Are we supposed to take them seriously?  Listing a designer as best dressed is really thinking out of the box. Same with actors. And anyone with a first name you’ve never heard of listed with a very familiar last name.   List someone without a stylist or an unlimited income.   Show me the guy finding the cool thing on sale at Barneys or some obscure German website.  Have a Google mashup of money spent on clothes vs.  best dressed list and then I’ll take it seriously. And really, most of the time it’s close to being a worst dressed list