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Screw the double monk straps and the $1800. Otherwise you’re good with this.


Suits and loafers

Can’t tell you how many men are wearing loafers with a suit. It just doesn’t work. Never. At some point will discuss the right shoes to wear with a suit but right now let’s leave it at the wrong way.

High Holy Days

Big day at the Synagogue with Rosh Hashanah.  Pretty monied crowd but pretty boring dress.  Lots of ill fitting bad suits.  Everyone either had a blue or white shirt and didn’t see one tie I was jealous of.  Suits were either too long or  too big.  You’d think with some money they’d buy a suit that fits.  First rule-spend more money on a suit that fits than on a designer name.

Said hello to the president of a major department store.  Pants were bunched up at the ankle and he was wearing black Nike sneakers and trust me he wasn’t trying to be ironic or cool.  Just looked bad.

Car logo clothing

Don’t ever wear it. I don’t care if you have the Ferrari. Don’t wear the shirt. You’re not a Formula one driver. Don’t wear the Mercedes, or the Audi, BMW,  or any of them. Don’t even let your kid wear them.
Why not? Because you look like an idiot.
And for good measure, don’t ever post a picture with you next to your fancy car.

Las Vegas

Just came back from there.  Didn’t see one properly dressed individual in the whole city.  Then again, probably not my target audience.  But I mean, it’s Las Vegas, let your hair down.  Go for it.  Lighten up a bit. Wear that shirt you bought but regretted.  Nope, not a soul.  Except yours truly.  Wore the flowered shirt my wife refused to let me wear in her presence.  It’s now in the garbage but at least I got one wear out of it.