Just wandered in yesterday. Terrible clothes. Boring suits and casual clothes  that nobody in their right mind would buy. Saw one nice shirt but didn’t like how it looked on me.
Sad when you can find better clothes on line. Go to End or Unionmade for a better selection


The Fashion Forward

One of the things I’ve seen when I go to some fashionable place is the following awful trend-one is good, three is awesome.  What do I mean?  It’s simple-wear one cool thing. Maybe a cool jacket or scarf. Cool shoes.  But not more than that. I’ve seen too many men wearing ridiculous outfits since they believe if one is cool, three is ubercool.  Give it a rest. Enough with the patterned suits, hightops, fedoras, and scarves together.   You look like a mess.  And that you’re trying really too hard.  To be noticed.